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As the laws are changing, if you wish to remain on our database you have to tell us.

As of May 25th 2018 the data laws are changing. The new laws are commonly known as GDPR.

To abide by these laws, you as people who are currently on our database have to consent for us to hold your data.

We will never share your personal details with a third party, we will only ever use them to communicate with you. If any member of Lushious Luxuries staff terminates their position they will never take your information unless you specifically ask them to.

To comply with our Insurance Company we have to hold records for 7 years.

The data we hold is

Name and Address

Phone Number

Email Address

Date of Birth

Medical Details

Treatment History

What does all of this mean.

If you opt in for us to keep your data, you will keep receiving emails/texts from us.

Please click here and fill in the information. (its quick and easy).

Very important – if you do nothing this is considered by law as opting out. Therefore if you do nothing your details will no longer receive any texts or emails from us from 25 May 2018. This includes, but is not limited to. text and email reminders.

We will only ever use your contact details to contact you for:

Reminders/Cancellations/Rescheduling of your appointments

Upcoming Offers

New Treatments Offered

Invoices for payments using Paypal

So if you do nothing your details will be removed and you wont get notifications from us after May 25 2018.

We apologise for the inconvience, however as this is law it is not something that can be avoided.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Once again please click here to fill in the form.


Lyndsey Milligan and Amanda Curry on behalf of Lushious Luxuries